Altering Feline Food: Exactly How to Switch Your Cat’s Food

Eventually, you may require to alter your pet cat’s food. Kitties will require to transition to grown-up cat food. Grown-up pet cats might benefit from an elderly formula as they age. Others might take advantage of a healthy and balanced weight formula to assist keep their suitable body condition.

Altering your pet cat’s food isn’t as simple as starting a brand-new food as soon as you lack the previous food. Purina’s professionals recommend a gradual shift to stay clear of indigestion therefore your feline does not decline to consume entirely.

Reasons for Altering Pet Cat Foods
Age: As pet cats grow and age, their nutritional demands change. Around age one, kittens need to transition to grown-up cat food. Kitten food is greater in calories and nutrients that support development as well as growth. Once they get to maturation, those extra calories can lead to weight gain. Likewise, felines over the age of seven might take advantage of an elderly pet cat food to support their joint health and wellness, body immune system and also even more.
Weight: If your cat is not her suitable body problem, you might require to readjust her diet regimen. This may mean feeding her basically of her present food. In various other situations, you may need to switch over to a healthy weight formula. Consult your vet for their referrals to aid your cat achieve and also keep her optimal body condition.
Health: Other than weight, certain other wellness concerns can be dealt with modifications to your pet cat’s food. As an example, if your cat has a delicate tummy or dry, itchy skin, a sensitive skin as well as tummy formula may aid.
Indoor vs. Outdoor: If you have actually saved an outdoor cat and also strategy to keep her inside, you might need to switch over to an indoor feline food formula. Indoor pet cats tend to be less active than outside cats, as well as they’re prone to extra hairballs, so an indoor formula can help address those concerns.
Just how to Switch Your Feline’s Food
You may be anxious to change your feline’s food, specifically if the new food can aid attend to weight or wellness issues. Our specialists suggest a gradual transition over a 7 to 10-day period, however.

A slow transition aids avoid digestive upset and gives her time to get used to the new tastes and structures.

Right here’s exactly how to change your pet cat’s food:

Days 1 to 2: Feed 3/4 of the normal amount of current food as well as include 1/4 of the brand-new food.
Days 3 to 4: Serve half the current food and also half the new food.
Days 5 to 7: Feed 3/4 of the brand-new food and also 1/4 of the previous food.
Days 8 to 10: Offer only the brand-new food.
If your cat experiences any type of indigestion throughout this time or doesn’t seem to like her brand-new food, expand the transition period by a couple of even more days. Some cats might require even more time to readjust than others.

You can likewise ask your veterinarian for suggestions, especially if the digestive upset continues or your pet cat declines to consume altogether.

Keep in mind, you can use this transition process anytime you require to alter your feline’s food.

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