Why Do Cats Like Smelly Stuff?

You may have seen your cat sleeping on your shoes or rolling over your smelly athletic clothes. Maybe you were disgusted, laughed out loud, or both. What's with cats and smelly things? Cats aren't the only animals attracted to smelly

How Long Should Cats Sleep?

Have you ever been asked ‘if you could be a cat or a dog, which would you be I have and to be honest before I became a cat owner, I would have said ‘I’ll be a dog, please’ without dropping a beat, but now I’m a cat owner too, I’d have

Dry Cat Food: Which is Better?

When it comes to cat food, there are so many options. Loving cat owners must choose from a variety of different flavors, decide between wet and dry, among many other considerations. If you’ve wondered which is better when it comes

5 Cat Health Tips

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Cat Keeping your cat healthy, groomed, and well fed is important. Take a look at these five easy tips for maintaining your cat and you’re sure to have a lovely companion for many years to come.Congratulations on